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Questions for me:

1. Your art inspiration?

 i honestly have a lot of artistic inpirations, like when i first met Kiwa i googled her stuff and immediately fell in love, but people before the crynime thing is simple, Edgar Degas for his pastels and paints, and bach, for musical style

2. Dogs or cats?

Dogs period….Siberian husky is the way to go

3. If you could any spiritual animal/being, what would you be? (Vampire, Werewolf, etc.)

i would either be a Vampire, or something else 100% immortal, just so i could work art for the rest of my life.

4. Favorite video game?

Hands down Halo, it’s depth and thought is absolutely astonishing, and many of the community members are really kind and accepting, but my biggest love of it is the score…i still listen to the soundtracks today when i’m on down time.

5. Favorite Movie?

Dreamworks’ The Road To El Dorado, a musical by Elton John, about two Spaniards in the search for the city of gold.

6. What was priest art piece/work?

i have no idea what this question is asking.

7. If you could go to any place (say like Hogwarts or something) where would you go?

El dorado, because fuck you.

8. Who do ya ship?

i haven’t really shipped anyone really….but if Renton Thurston, and Eureka, if they haven’t already gotten together…i never watched the show all the way.

9. If you could met any of your internet friends in real life, who would it be?

kiwadraws, maybe lunast, and definitely heyhichris, as well as try-fold

these guys are great and i would be most honoured to meet them.

10. Finally: Elizabeth (Bioshock Infinite), Ellie (The Last of Us), or Jodie (Beyond: Two Souls)?

Jodie, cause she’s the only one i really got in touch with…

Thank you remixtheg for targeting me!

My Questions:

1: What do you love most about/in this world?

2: Are you a Secret admirerer of anyone? (you don’t have to say who)

3: what would you never give up…for anyone or anything?

4: i’m already running out of questions, make up your own and answer it!

5: what was the best feeling you’ve ever had?

6: if you were to play any instrument in the history of man kind which would you choose? (Yes earch harp is valid)

7: if you could meet anyone in the world who would it be?

8: whats your favourite song and explain why.

9: what song or piece of other art best describes your life?

10: 1 thing you want most and why.

11: have you ever donated to WWF? if not, would you?

My Targets:












Toby Acid Live!

In anticipation for the Crynime release, (To Be Announced) we have a Live set by the head composer of the project!

During the first hour of the Stream Toby will feature his top picks for Electronic House music, including tracks from musicians like Kaskade, Fedde Le Grand, and Swedish House Mafia, giving you an hour of epic posibilities.

and up for the second hour Toby will Show case all kinds of music in the electronic industry, all he find amazing…and there’s even going to be a few tracks showing up from the official sound track of Project Crynime: Encryption.

Make sure you don’t miss this chance!
Stream date:
Saturday April 26th 2014
10:30 PM-EDT

Stream Link:

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